A Letter


Lipika, the women who is going to be the mother of my child. I call her Girgiti.

We met 8 years back, in the college. We fell in love and ran away from our family. They were not supportive because we came from a different religion. From then, we passed many difficult times full of uncertainty, fear and complexity. But we managed to stay together.

Those days have gone.  Recently, my family accepted her. We are married and she is going to have a baby. Everything is going all right, but still there is this feeling of fear that I can’t escape. Everything is so close but I am so afraid to feel. And I don’t understand why.

The other day, one fish jumped off the aquarium. No one noticed. It died. Even the day before that, I saw it playing it the water. It was so beautiful. Why would it do something like that? I don’t understand.

But I feel so sad.




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