Bijon Sarker …. But i missed it…


@ Bijon Sarker/ From BPS catalog


One day i  was walking on the road with my friend Rasel. We were  going to collect my  print from Konica Lab. Suddenly Rasel  stopped and start talking with an old guy coming from the opposite side of  the road. He was wearing a white half sleeve shirt with black pant .I was standing beside him.He was takling very  slowly. I  was feeling little bit bored cause I was on a hurry . I was praying when this two  slow talker will finish their discussion. At last It ended. And the old guy went away. i got angry with Rasel. Rasel said… Do  u know who is this guy ? . I said , dont care . Then again Rasel asked, so i said ok… tell me… Who  is this  Guy ?

Rasel: U  really dont know who  was he?
Me: No!
Rasel: Very sad. his name Is BIJON SARKER.
Me :Bijon SArker!  This guy???
Rasel: Yes.
Me: Oh I am Sorry
This is my First  AND  Last meet with  The Great Photographer Bijon Da. That day i  had a chance to  talk with him. But i missed it…
Bijon Sarker died today.

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